Candidate Profile

Regional Sales Manager – Top Performer in the Southwestern US

- 0 years experience

We represent an outstanding Regional Sales Manager candidate that has been a high achiever for many years working with reps and wholesale distributors throughout the US and highly focused on the Southwestern US territory.  Currently he is a Sales Leader working a for a manufacturer of evaporative air coolers for commercial, residential or special purpose markets.

Here are some career highlights for you to consider if you have an opportunity in the western half of the US for a candidate of this caliber:

  • Sells and Markets evaporative cooling products in the Southwest USA to HVAC distributors – Factory to Distribution channel with 2017 sales of $27 million.
  • Strong contacts at many of the industry’s leading distributors such as Ferguson, Baker, AC-Pro, Hercules, Sigler, RE Michel, Geary Pacific and Johnstone.
  • Johnstone growth over the past 4 years has been from $500,000 to $1.4 million
  • Has great relationships with local, regional and national contacts working with residential and commercial applications.
  • Very adept at training and motivating distributor staff, engineers and contractors; plan and spec work, pricing/costing/margins; Very effective with in-person trainings as well as webinars and sales presentations (powerful PowerPoint presentation capabilities.
  • Manages 7 independent rep agencies – 45 sales with the largest agency selling more than $7.5 million.
  • Retail distributor experience such as ACE Hardware currently and has worked well with Lowes and Home Depot in recent years; Largest distributor account $3.5 million
  • Experience managing customer service, sales, marketing, warranty & technical services
  • Creating of programing – COOP, freight, volume incentive, growth incentives, new location incentives, distribution centers, terms, pricing
  • National Sales meetings, account reviews, collections, territory management, negotiations (customers and vendors)
  • Active participant in budgeting; forecasting for sales (by product by month); P & L; accountability; Personnel hiring, training, performance reviews, action plans, career adjustments, commissions, raises and so forth

After several years in a sales leadership role he seeks to return to Regional Sales Management, so the timing is right for you to acquire the talents of this proven territory revenue generating high caliber achiever.  Please let me know when I can schedule a time for you to speak with him.