Multi-Hire Fee Discount Program

Multi-Hire Fee Discount Program delivers the qualified candidates you seek by having your commitment to a strong partnership.  If your firm has multiple placement needs, then the Multi-Hire Fee Discount Program is a terrific way to make the talent acquisition cost much more attractive for your firm.  For each unique position we will source a detailed list of every candidate in your market area that matches that particular opportunity.  Our team will source a list of at least 50 names – this would include mobile numbers and as many e-mail addresses as we can obtain.  The list will be pre-qualified with remarks included as to the candidate’s interest or lack thereof.  We call these candidates several times to get a response.

We are further motivated to expand this list to perhaps 60 or 70 names in order to achieve the ‘success fee’ for making the placement.  Our discounted success fee is applied for each candidate placed with the firm that remains employed for at least 90 days from their start date.  The success fee will be calculated in such a way that greatly reduces the total cost per new hire .

We require advance payment to begin each unique search search – $2,500.  Then, once the candidate is successfully placed, we require payment of the balance within 30 days.  We offer a 90 day guarantee from the start date of employment if the balance is paid on time so that if the candidate leaves of their own volition or is terminated for cause then we will replace them without any additional cost.

Call today for a specific quote or any questions you have about our Multi-Hire Fee Discount Program