Candidate Profile

Senior Leader Leadership Executive for Consumer Home Services

- 0 years experience


  • President’s club winner for National Residential / Light Commercial Services Firm  and Finalist for Center of Year Award
  • EBIT leader in his division among 27 companies during numerous years
  • Responsible for P&L for multiple companies from start up organizations to $12 million dollar volume
  • Led multiple locations and supervised six managers simultaneously



  • Currently supervise 6 managers and 3 revenue divisions totaling $12 million, of HVAC, plumbing and electric with each division producing over $3 million in revenue and HVAC producing almost $5 million in revenue
  • Turned a losing division into a profit center in one year while replacing multiple personnel and restructuring processes and procedures
  • Improved closing % and average ticket in all 3 divisions
  • Improved safety 85% in 2011, making his metro area one of the top safety performing divisions within the organization



  • Took a center with losses of $225k and within two years turned it to 10% EBIT
  • President’s club winner
  • Improved revenue by 12% in 2007, ending with a 15.6% EBIT and one of only eight companies to grow revenue in 2009
  • Chosen to represent the firm on multiple committees and business review teams
  • Responsible for every aspect of running a multimillion dollar company including revenue growth, marketing, sales training, leadership development and all aspects of P&L.


Previous professional experience includes starting a new division for a home improvement services firm and operations leadership for a $20 million firm with 100 employees and various subcontractors; as division head for a national residential security services firm was responsible for more than 12,000 customers and more than $5 million in revenue.

This candidates background includes a degree in East Asian studies, language school (Dutch and German), graduate education and military experience along with numerous sales and leadership training courses.