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Why a Mechanical Services Company Should Use a Recruiter for Hiring

The mechanical services industry is highly specialized – from HVAC to Electrical to Plumbing to Refrigeration. At, we work exclusively with MEPR contractors, engineering firms and the component suppliers and manufacturers to the industry. Working with these owners, hiring managers and human resources professionals gives us a unique perspective on the challenges in today’s market for sourcing, pre-qualifying and recruiting high caliber talent.

Best Ways to Discuss Your Career Mishaps in a Job Interview

A significant way that prospective employers evaluate a candidate’s potential for success or failure is their response to this question: “Tell us about one of your significant professional disappointments or failures.  What caused it and how did you handle it?”  This requires an interviewee to come up with a particular event specific moment rather than asking them the typical “What are your weaknesses?” question. This asks them to describe a definitive professional occasion which gives them plenty of options: Do they focus on a promotion they felt they deserved or a project that failed? Do they make it about themselves or do they make it about their company? You can learn a lot about them by how they interpret and then answer the question.

In addition, the question doesn’t require an applicant to take responsibility for the failure although they might choose to.  Here are 3 types of answers and then let’s evaluate the pluses and minuses of each.

HVAC Industry Career Advice

Almost every home has either an air conditioning system, heating system or both so there is always a need for maintenance or repair no matter what the season.  Most homes also have a system that provides ventilation to keep the moisture out and mold from growing. However, our heating and air conditioning systems need to be maintained or repaired and sometimes they need to be replaced. This is why a career in HVAC is virtually recession proof.